Femoral Arteries and area protected

Groin, upper leg and body-cavity injuries

Whilst current protective equipment, like body armour, offers excellent protection against bullets and fragments to a person's torso, the groin and upper leg are very exposed.

The area of the groin and upper leg contains a lot of vulnerable soft tissue (the colon, bladder and genitalia) and if damaged can lead to serious, life-threatening and 'life-changing' injury.

Femoral Artery Injuries

The femoral artery is one of the largest blood vessels in the body, about the thickness of your index finger. A ruptured femoral artery is extremely serious because a large amount of blood is pumped through the artery very quickly. It is possible with this type of injury to lose all the blood in the body within five minutes.

It is especially hard to treat if the damage is close to the groin, becasue bleeding cannot be stopped with a tourniquet.

The blood loss sets off a catastrophic chain of events.

  • Blood Pressure drops drastically
  • Oxygen cannot get to vital organs
  • Body temperature falls

Even after transfusions and surgery to repair the artery, many vital organs may have been without blood for too long to regain function.